Adult Opportunties

The primary objective of CVAP’s Adult Program is to teach young adults with developmental disabilities to specifically set and achieve significant and attainable goals for themselves, as they strive for increased independence within the community, and to contribute to the community at an advanced level. The structure of sessions are 1:1 or small-group, with support being provided by same-age Peer Mentors.


For those individuals who are seeking skill development toward a job, CVAP offers a unique 5-Course Series. Others may be interested in developing replacement skills and behaviors for maladaptive behaviors to better their quality of life.


5-Course Series Includes:


Independent Living Skills

Physical maintenance, personal management, home organization, and community skills development (shopping, transportation, participation in community events).


Vocational Skills Training

Development of worker identity, marketable work skills, and adjusting to a work routine. The training curriculum includes career awareness, work interest, ability assessment, job seeking and obtaining skills, work habit development, job skills training.
Frills and bills? Develop the skills!


Interpersonal and Social Skills

Identification of social outlets, sexuality training, etc.
Communication skills training begins at the individual’s functioning level and progresses toward active participation in a peer conducted problem solving discussion group.


Behavior Development

Reduce maladaptive behaviors, by systematically strengthening appropriate replacement behaviors. Target areas include but are not limited to stress reduction techniques, coping skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, self monitoring, organization, frustration tolerance, identifying emotions, and understanding behavioral triggers.

Young adults with developmental disabilities maintain employment in numerous communities. Their contribution not only supports the economic viability of a community, but it encourages co-workers and others to believe in possibility, goal attainment, and true determination.

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