Intensive Behavioral Treatment (IBT)

{Home, Clinic, School, and Community-based}

Our IBT program is a comprehensive, individualized intervention that is designed to accelerate the trajectory of skill development in all developmental domains. Children are taught skills, utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, in the domains of verbal and non-verbal language, cognition, social, behavioral, play, “Theory of Mind”, and functional/adaptive skills 5 to 40 hours per week. Great emphasis is placed on social functioning and community inclusion. There is also considerable focus on parent education and building the generalization of behaviors and skills learned in a smaller, contrived setting into the natural environment.


Social Skills Assessment and Intervention

{Home, Clinic, School, and Community-based}

Our extensive Social Skills Assessment is helpful in identifying deficit and excessive social behaviors that impact one’s social functioning.


Areas of focus:
  • Recognize, understand, and respond to the perspectives or desires of others
  • Interpret and respond to nonverbal language
  • Interpret and respond to others’ emotional states
  • Develop and sustain meaningful social relationships
  • Play and leisure skills
  • Communication
  • “Theory of Mind”


The assessment occurs across social environments, such as the home, clinic, school, and community. Results of the assessment drive the social skills taught either in individual or small group intervention settings, where critical social skills and behaviors are targeted. Generalization of social skills, to peer opportunities and community settings, naturally occur in an effort to increase the probability of enhanced social integration.


Focused Behavioral Intervention (FBI)

{Home, Clinic, School, and Community-based}

FBI targets one to two specific behaviors such as organizational skills, self-injurious behaviors, maladaptive repetitive behaviors, aggression, tantrums, non-compliance, self help skills, etc. aiming to remediate life skills for increased independence. This includes direct family training and intervention application.


“CVAP provides intensive intervention services across classroom, community, and home-based or clinic-based settings. Our clinic-based offerings include 1:1 intervention with Applied Behavior Analysis trained staff, play sessions with neuro-typical peers which are facilitated by Behavior Interventionists, Junior and Senior Einsteins classroom-readiness sessions lead by a credentialed teacher, and Learning Groups in di-ad, tri-ad, and quad groupings to boost readiness with choral responding. These unique offerings have proven to increase social adaptation and overall adaptive behavior.”

Katherine Miller, MA, BCBA

Chief Clinical Officer

Group of elementary school pupils in classroom

Support Components

  • Peer Play Sessions
  • Social Skill Classes, ages 5 – 9, 1.5 hr sessions
  • “Senior Einstein”, ages 5 – 7, summers only, simulated school
  • Specialized Learning Groups
    Di-ad, 2x/week, 30 min/session
    Tri-ad, 2x/week, 1 hr/session
    Quads, 2x/week, 1 hr/session
  • Academic Tutoring – click for more info
  • Community Field Trips

Private Academic Tutoring
Catch up on math, English and other subject of challenge! Available for any grade level, credentialed teachers, Applied Behavior Analysis specific.


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