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Early Intervention

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Children under the age of three who are “at risk for” or diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or demonstrating developmental delays, can benefit significantly from early intervention that is specifically designed to teach them how to learn and imitate, use vocal verbal behavior, remediate deficit skills and behaviors (including play), and reduce maladaptive behaviors (such as tantrums). Hours of intervention range from 5 to 40 hours per week depending upon need and age. Several intensity options are available, based on child need and assessment.


Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment Program (EIBT)

{Home, Clinic, and Community-based}

Our EIBT is an accelerated treatment modality aimed at accelerating the trajectory of development and catching the child up with his/her typically developing peers. The comprehensive, individualized intervention is designed to fully include the child into regular education and the community without assistance. Intervention is initially implemented in a 1:1 setting, 20 to 40 hours per week utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis across all developmental domains including verbal language, cognition, social, behavioral, academic, play and functional/adaptive skills. Great emphasis is placed on social functioning, adaptive skills, school readiness and parent education. Acquired skills are generalized from contrived 1:1 settings to systematic introductions to more natural environments.

“Typically developing children initially learn by observing and imitating those in their environment. Many children on the autism spectrum struggle with observing and imitating. It is imperative that we teach them to imitate others in order to accelerate their learning, including their acquisition of language.”


Cathy Bentley, MS, BCBA
Director of Early Start Programs

Obtaining Services

Please call us for general information on services available for your child or other family member of any age at 209.521.4791 x 406 or fill out our Client Intake Form and a staff member will contact you.

Please contact our Intake Department for information regarding health insurance coverage specifics for your child or other family member.
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