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For over 25 years, CVAP has served individuals with developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorder.  Applying the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, our service to individuals and their families is widely accepted and sought, in family homes, CVAP clinics, and community settings.


Families of children requiring Applied Behavior Analysis treatment are the foundation of CVAP.  It was the parents of children with autism who clearly communicated to us the need for Applied Behavior Analysis treatment over 25 years ago. They were willing to move from their homes, provide their own interventionists who we trained and basically, put their lives on hold to do everything in their power to attain Applied Behavior Analysis services.  At that time, there was no funding model established for comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis services on the globe and other comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis providers did not exist in our area.  The courage, perseverance and strength of these parents cultivated the field from which effective, evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis services are now available to thousands of individuals throughout California.


CVAP is truly thankful to these parents and their children for being able to originally serve them when no other evidence-based options were available.


CVAP has an…
Empirically Proven Approach

American Academy of Pediatrics & US Surgeon General


Since 1990, CVAP has successfully developed and implemented programs to shape appropriate behaviors of individuals of all ages and establish them as contributing members of society.  CVAP implements the Lovaas/UCLA Applied Behavior Analysis Model of Intensive Behavioral Intervention while remaining current with empirical, evidence-based, peer reviewed research and literature.  This original approach has been empirically proven to be the most effective method of treating autism as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Surgeon General, and such research has been cited in thousands of publications and presentations.

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Invited Participant

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)


In 1993, CVAP was invited and challenged to participate in the NIMH supported UCLA Young Autism Project, a multi-site, international research replication project aiming to replicate the clinical findings of Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas, Behavioral Treatment and Normal Intellectual and Educational Functioning in Autistic Children, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, (1987) in community settings.

CVAP has…
Published Research

Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics


CVAP has published its own clinical outcomes in a peer reviewed publication, Early Intensive Behavioral Treatment, Replication of the UCLA Model in a Community Setting, Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, (Cohen, Amerine-Dickens, & Smith, 2006), and thereafter has been cited in hundreds of publications and presentations.  In partnership with Dr. Howard Cohen and the Valley Mountain Regional Center, CVAP completed a 10 year replication outcome study of early intensive behavior treatment for children with autism.

The Lovaas study revealed intensive Applied Behavior Analysis intervention is successful:

In the intervention group, 47% (9/19) of children diagnosed with autism achieved normal intellectual functioning and were fully included into a regular education classroom without assistance after receiving the Lovaas UCLA Model of ABA intervention, 40 hours per week of intervention.


In the control group, 2% (1/40) of children diagnosed with autism were fully included into a regular education classroom without assistance after a special education classroom placement.

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