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CVAP adheres to the importance of family training and inclusion into intervention. It is critical that family members serve as active participants and advocates in their family members’ intervention. Input and participation is key as the family members in the “circle of support” are required to learn and implement interventions developed by their behavior analyst. Family members are educated on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and the interventions utilized to teach and alter the behavior of the child. Accurate implementation of such recommended interventions for that child are critical to the child’s success. Involved, committed families are influential in improving the overall quality of life for that individual.


A child’s development and long-term ability to integrate successfully into society requires a dedicated “circle of support”. Central to that “circle of support” is the child’s family.

In addition to providing behavioral education to families, we help the individual’s “circle of support” navigate complex healthcare, school and social systems, in order to obtain the greatest opportunities and outcome for their unique family member.

KCRA 3’s Janet O. reports from Modesto where CVAP has been providing Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for individuals with autism for over 25 years. See this report with CVAP’s trained staff in action.

Parent Education & Training

CVAP offers interactive skill development and behavior management classes for family and friends of individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities in our Modesto, Stockton, and Sacramento centers.

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