Obtaining Services

Payment for an individual’s treatment program can be attained in a variety of ways. The following resources are available for families.


Regional Centers

Regional centers offer financial support for CVAP services for eligible consumers, as approved as part of the Individual Program Plan (IPP).


School Districts/Special Education Local Plan Areas

CVAP has an extensive history working with school districts and Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPA) to develop integrated educational plans for children. Children with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) may receive CVAP services fully or partially funded through their district/SELPA.


Healthcare Insurance Plans, Private/Group Coverage

CVAP is a provider for most major insurance companies. The passage of SB 946 (2012) requires California regulated healthcare insurance plans to cover medically necessary Applied Behavior Analysis treatment if prescribed by the patient’s treating physician. A current diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is required to establish medical necessity.


Healthcare Insurance Plans, Employer Self-Funded

Companies that have self-funded healthcare insurance plans may cover Applied Behavior Analysis treatment for their employee’s family members diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some employers provide an autism treatment benefit to their employees within their healthcare plan. To confirm this coverage, contact the company’s Human Resource Department to obtain a full summary plan description that will outline any available autism treatment benefits.


Private Pay

Privately funded payment agreements can be established in situations where a family or other private individuals are covering the cost of treatment. CVAP encourages families with questions to contact us directly for more information on payment options.

Obtaining Services

Please call us for general information on services available for your child or other family member of any age at 209.521.4791 x 406


Or fill out our Intake Form and a staff member will contact you.


Please contact our Intake Department for information regarding health insurance coverage specifics for your child or other family member.
209.521.4791 x 406


What services does CVAP provide?

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