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CVAP’s mission is to enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities using the science Applied Behavior Analysis, thereby providing them with an opportunity to reach their maximum potential. This is what we embrace and have been deliberately and effectively delivering for over 25 years.  CVAP collaborates with…

to provide the finest, evidence-based ABA services available.  We are thankful for the many professionals who make this service to those in need possible.  Click the above professional group for more information.

Our staff has collaborated with professionals from all of the above groups to provide families the specific outcome that will maximize the potential of their loved one.  Individuals of all ages have benefited greatly from this collaboration.

Each individual receiving intervention has their own sphere of influence that includes their immediate family, extended family, family friends, school friends, support staff and many, many more.  This outreach equals thousands of people being impacted by these individuals and ultimately, a society that truly benefits.

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Central Valley Autisum Project Central Valley Autisum Project